How To Measure Splashbacks

Single Splashbacks Panels for Kitchens or Bathrooms.

Due to kitchens and bathrooms very rarely  
being perfectly square, you may find your
sizes change in different positions that you
The best way to combat this issue is to take
various measurements across the area where
you want your splashback to fit, and use the
In this example used we have taken 2 vertical
and 2 horizontal measurements. By using the
shortest sizes we end up with a size of 751 x 925

When measuring for your panel it is
necessary to take into account expansion
and contraction of cupboards, worktops.
We advise to deduct 1mm on each side of
the panel that comes into contact with any
fixed object.
Using our example that we already have our
measurements for, we deduct 1mm on the
left, right and bottom of the panel.
Our finished panel size is 749 x 924

Bespoke Panels

When measuring more complicated panels, this should be done exactly the same way as a single panel,measure in 3 locations, Top, Middle and Bottom and then make a note of the smallest size. Remembering to deduct 1mm if the glass is going to finish at a fixed object.

Glass splashbacks are most commonly fitted from your work surface to the underside of your wall units, for your convenience we have provided some drawing templates for the most common and practical shapes.

A Typical Kitchen Layout

The Red line denotes where a 1mm gap should be allowed.

The example above shows an “L” Shape a “Square” and a “Rectangle”, this can be done in 3 pieces or can be done in 2 “L” shapes thus reducing the number of joints, we have provided drawing templates which can be downloaded below. Lay out the drawing templates to suit your kitchen layout, Referencing each panel.

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Returning Panels

Where you have panels returning, then it is important to remember you would need to deduct 6mm for the thickness of the glass in the above image and also allowing 2mm for the adhesive. Any gap left in the above image will be covered by the returning panel, potentially the above panel could be 6mm short as the panel returning will cover that gap – It is important to never measure too tight! If the glass is too big it can NOT be cut down as it is Toughened glass! Please call us if you have any doubts – we have years of experiance 0161 764 5197.

Socket Cut Outs

No need to be afraid of these, throughout Europe these are a standard size, if you have multiple sockets butted up together then we can do 1 x large cut out at the same cost of 1 x Single/Double cut out, if sockets are close together then they need to be a minimum of 50mm apart and away from any edge – This is to retain the strength within the glass. Remember we cut the glass to the “Back Box” so that the face of your socket fits over the cut out making the finish much more seamless and professional.

If you require socket cut outs in your glass we would recommend you make a template, alternatively we would require a detailed drawing, this should show the position of the sockets indicating from which side of the glass the sockets have been measured and to what height they are set, an example of a detailed drawing is below.

The information supplied in this guide is for guidance only and is intended for products purchased from or any of our re-sellers and or subsidiaries.

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Other Information to be considered.

Internal Cut Outs – Where you require an internal cut out such as a socket the corners will have a radius.

On any shape, where there is a change in height, there will be an internal radius corner

Notch Cut Outs /Other Cut Outs – Glass can not be cut at 90 degrees there will always be a radius.

All our glass is Toughened, regardless of where it is being fitted! there must be a gap of 50mm between any cut outs or away from any edge and any drill holes required, will be a minimum diameter of the thickness of the glass and must be 4 x the thickness away from any edge.


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